Your new BFF: meet the Slow Cooker

Ok, I know, a slow cooker (or crockpot)- what?!  Hear me out. This blog is all about living your best life, and my slow cooker does just that.  A slow cooker helps anyone make healthy meals without much effort.  Seriously, you DO NOT have to know how to cook. I just made chicken and it was so … Continue reading Your new BFF: meet the Slow Cooker

Personal finance hack: Purge your space

Hello friends!  Who could use a little more cash in their life?  I know, silly question. I've been working on my personal finances recently and getting real with saving, spending, what I envision for my future and the like.  One thing that's really been on my mind is spending on 'stuff.'  I am guilty of … Continue reading Personal finance hack: Purge your space

life hack : always keep learning

I am not going to lie, I love learning.  Full stop.  I find learning new things expands and enhances life- personal, professional, creative, you name it. Often, learning comes from beyond the classroom.  This is one reason I really enjoy travel both near and far.  I love checking out new areas of the city where … Continue reading life hack : always keep learning

What’s your vision?

  I am pretty excited- I just finished my latest Vision Board!  But, Lisa, it's April..... lagging much for the year?  Ha, yes.  But, dreams don't have a start/stop date, right? Let's take a step back- Vision Board?  Maybe you've heard people throw this word around.  Maybe you've even seen one or pinned images to … Continue reading What’s your vision?

Morning time for productivity- (episode 3)…. my story wrapping up

Confused, overwhelmed, stressed, bored, anxious .... ya, I had all the feels.  I was toping out in my job and wasn't attracted to other positions within company.  I realized I wasn't tied to any one place (see last post about my housing situation) was tired of the dating pool at present, and felt the call … Continue reading Morning time for productivity- (episode 3)…. my story wrapping up

Morning time for productivity (episode 2)

Hello dear reader! In my last post, morning time for productivity (episode 1), I started the story of how a dedicated practice of ‘morning time’ has helped transform my life for the better.  After a little more of my story, I will provide some pieces to what I like to call ‘morning time’ and how … Continue reading Morning time for productivity (episode 2)

Morning time for productivity (episode 1)

Let's start this off by saying- I am not wired to be a morning person. at. all.  The late hours are my muse, and I love staying wrapped in warm covers as the world wakes up. Many years ago, to get back in to running shape, a good friend said he would meet me before … Continue reading Morning time for productivity (episode 1)