Ladies, no more ‘I’m sorry’

Women and men of the blondeee universe, let's make a pact here and now!  Ladies, no more 'I'm sorry' as we start into a thought or question.  Men, support your girlfriends, wives, mothers, daughters, and gal friends as we work on ridding ourselves of this habit. I write here as a woman who finds myself … Continue reading Ladies, no more ‘I’m sorry’

5 Ideas for Fun and Free [ish] Fall Activities

Summer 2018 is a wrap (how did that happen?) and Fall is upon us!  Nothing says Fall like Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSLs yo).  I am so happy for cooler weather and leaves changing color. As we head in to Fall, I thought I’d give some ideas of fun Fall activities that are free (or mostly … Continue reading 5 Ideas for Fun and Free [ish] Fall Activities

Your new BFF: meet the Slow Cooker

Ok, I know, a slow cooker (or crockpot)- what?!  Hear me out. This blog is all about living your best life, and my slow cooker does just that.  A slow cooker helps anyone make healthy meals without much effort.  Seriously, you DO NOT have to know how to cook. I just made chicken and it was so … Continue reading Your new BFF: meet the Slow Cooker

Personal finance hack: Purge your space

Hello friends!  Who could use a little more cash in their life?  I know, silly question. I've been working on my personal finances recently and getting real with saving, spending, what I envision for my future and the like.  One thing that's really been on my mind is spending on 'stuff.'  I am guilty of … Continue reading Personal finance hack: Purge your space

life hack : always keep learning

I am not going to lie, I love learning.  Full stop.  I find learning new things expands and enhances life- personal, professional, creative, you name it. Often, learning comes from beyond the classroom.  This is one reason I really enjoy travel both near and far.  I love checking out new areas of the city where … Continue reading life hack : always keep learning

Picked up a new hobby: brewing the booch… aka kombucha

Friends!  I have officially endeavored into making homemade kombucha, and it is the best.  You really should try it if you have (a) every been curiously interested in making the brew or (b) if you buy it in the store.  Homemade 'buch' ( /booch/ ) is super easy, yummy, and will save you gobs of … Continue reading Picked up a new hobby: brewing the booch… aka kombucha

What’s your vision?

  I am pretty excited- I just finished my latest Vision Board!  But, Lisa, it's April..... lagging much for the year?  Ha, yes.  But, dreams don't have a start/stop date, right? Let's take a step back- Vision Board?  Maybe you've heard people throw this word around.  Maybe you've even seen one or pinned images to … Continue reading What’s your vision?