What’s your vision?

  I am pretty excited- I just finished my latest Vision Board!  But, Lisa, it's April..... lagging much for the year?  Ha, yes.  But, dreams don't have a start/stop date, right? Let's take a step back- Vision Board?  Maybe you've heard people throw this word around.  Maybe you've even seen one or pinned images to … Continue reading What’s your vision?

Morning time for productivity- (episode 3)…. my story wrapping up

Confused, overwhelmed, stressed, bored, anxious .... ya, I had all the feels.  I was toping out in my job and wasn't attracted to other positions within company.  I realized I wasn't tied to any one place (see last post about my housing situation) was tired of the dating pool at present, and felt the call … Continue reading Morning time for productivity- (episode 3)…. my story wrapping up

Morning time for productivity (episode 2)

Hello dear reader! In my last post, morning time for productivity (episode 1), I started the story of how a dedicated practice of ‘morning time’ has helped transform my life for the better.  After a little more of my story, I will provide some pieces to what I like to call ‘morning time’ and how … Continue reading Morning time for productivity (episode 2)

Morning time for productivity (episode 1)

Let's start this off by saying- I am not wired to be a morning person. at. all.  The late hours are my muse, and I love staying wrapped in warm covers as the world wakes up. Many years ago, to get back in to running shape, a good friend said he would meet me before … Continue reading Morning time for productivity (episode 1)

Puerto Rico and a Next-Gen Grid

Puerto Rico has been devastated by back to back hurricanes.  My thoughts and prayers are with the people. Their electric grid was severely damaged, and the island very well may remain without electricity for month, some estimating up to six months.  No electricity limits the most critical functions in time of disaster to say nothing … Continue reading Puerto Rico and a Next-Gen Grid

Girlfriends are the best

And Girlfriend Collective is out of this world!! At the intersection of fashion and sustainability, this company is using recycled water bottles to make leggings and leisure wear.  So so cool. Click on the picture below to watch the video about how they transform used plastic water bottles into fabric for leggings.  And, maybe support … Continue reading Girlfriends are the best