Defying stereotypes. Happily a host of contradictions.

Blonde + Energy + Economics = Blondeee

Hi, I’m Lisa!  I am a blonde So Cal surfer girl and an Economist in the energy industry.  I love nerding out by day on market dynamics, data/numbers, and industry trends.  By night, I indulge my inner singer-songwriter (check out my music here).  Right brain, left brain.  Fashionable urban dweller and rugged mountain hiker.  A little bit of everything.

All of this is rolled up in my life mantra instilled by my Grammie at a very early age- leave things better than you found them.

Sharing a smile can change a person’s day.  Picking up litter can brighten a community.  And, inspired empowered people will change the world.

Blondeee is a space to share thoughts, ideas, and habits which are helping me be better day by day.  Come along on my journey! I hope you are inspired too.

Cheers, Lisa

Fun facts- I love succulents, Jenna Lyons cozy and colorful style, laughing with friends, my baby Martin guitar, the feeling after a good workout, and sitting on my longboard in the Pacific Ocean.