5 Ideas for Fun and Free [ish] Fall Activities

Summer 2018 is a wrap (how did that happen?) and Fall is upon us!  Nothing says Fall like Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSLs yo).  I am so happy for cooler weather and leaves changing color.

As we head in to Fall, I thought I’d give some ideas of fun Fall activities that are free (or mostly free).  Summer travels are over and the holidays are coming.  Fall is a perfect time to be prudent with spending.  I put some ideas together to save some money but not compromise on the fun factor.  Enjoy!

Fall Festivals

Check your local calendars because I’m pretty sure everytown USA has a Fall Fest of sorts.  Get a group of friends together and you are guaranteed fun.  After all, it’s the company you’re with, right?


Take a Hike

No, literally, like get out into nature.  Anywhere in the country, Fall is such a great time to get in outside and enjoy nature. Maybe you live in an area with leaves that change colors?  Maybe it’s just good to get out of the hot/humid temps of summer.  Check out NPS.gov for your nearest national park (I love national parks- such gems.  State parks are great too!).  There is typically some small entrance or parking fee but so worth it and mostly going to support the upkeep of the park.  Get outside for low cost fun and some mental and physical health benefit.

Fall Hike

Picnic in the Park

Instead of a pricy brunch (where maybe you overeat and overdrink…. I’ve never done that, never…. haaa, ok yes), invite friends to get together for a picnic in the park.  The weather is great most places this time of year (maybe even time to bust out some layers) and inviting friends to do something a little different will surely bring enthusiasm.  Everyone is just waiting for someone else to make the plan.  How about you!  Ask everyone to bring something to share foodwise and/or drinkwise and a blanket. Set a time and place/park and viola! Fun and low cost!

Fall Picnic

Visit a Pumpkin Patch!

Because, duh.  Ok, maybe not free.  But, tis the season for pumpkins.  And, if you’re adventurous, you can try a pumpkin recipe with your pumpkin guts and roast the seeds.  Roasted pumpkin seeds are easy and so yummy.


Host Friends for a Fall Harvest Movie Night

It’s getting dark earlier these days which means perfect time for a cozy eve of snacks, drinks, and a movie night.  Pick a movie with a fall tie in… somehow the first thing coming to mind is Legends of the Fall (hello girls night).  Something Halloween-y… you get the idea. Again, not totally free but low cost and you can ask people to bring drinks and snacks.  People are always happy to pitch in.  And, if you’re feeling bold, make a crockpot full of soup.  Crockpots are my fave (they are so easy I promise). Check out my last post here about Crockpots (or slow cookers) if you missed it!

Cool LEaves


Please let me know your fab Fall ideas in the comments section!

Bring on the sweaters,


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