Your new BFF: meet the Slow Cooker

Ok, I know, a slow cooker (or crockpot)- what?!  Hear me out. This blog is all about living your best life, and my slow cooker does just that.  A slow cooker helps anyone make healthy meals without much effort.  Seriously, you DO NOT have to know how to cook.


I just made chicken and it was so easy and so tasty.  Get this- chicken breasts, green salsa, some cumin and voila…. Awesome chicken to put on salad greens, flour tortillas, you name it!  Once it cooks for 3 or 4 hours on high, you just pull out of the slow cooker, shred with forks and your good to go.  And, if you make it on a Sunday, you can make enough to have some lunches for the week.


Taking lunch to work is a great way to save some money ($10/day x 5 days = $50/week …. I will leave this here for your consideration) and eat healthy.


Healthy, easy, and good for the pocket book.  See?  Slow cookers for the win!

There are a ton of recipes online.  And, you can purchase one relatively inexpensively at amazon like this Hamilton Beach model.

I made a kick bootie pumpkin turkey chilly from Gina Homolka’s cookbook Skinnytaste: Fast and Slow.  My boyfriend couldn’t get enough.  Find her book on Amazon here and her recipes here.

Go forth and cook slow… it’s awesome,


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