Personal finance hack: Purge your space

Hello friends!  Who could use a little more cash in their life?  I know, silly question.

I’ve been working on my personal finances recently and getting real with saving, spending, what I envision for my future and the like.  One thing that’s really been on my mind is spending on ‘stuff.’  I am guilty of retail therapy, or buying things here and there, because I ‘had a hard day.’  But, inevitably a week later I’m like, ‘why did I buy this?’  Am I crazy or does this happen to you too?

While I could blame piles and some serious sentimental storage of things on my parents or society….. I mean, I MAY wear it again, ammIright?! …. I’ve decided to take a look at my space and my stuff and make a change.  No need to place blame, that does no good.  Time to make a proactive change.


And, that’s what I’ve been doing over the past few years with some success.  Things came to a head, and I literally purged everything (a cross country move helped prompt this).  I had two suitcases (ok, BIG ones) of clothes and shoes, a guitar, a backpack with electronics, and some boxed up kitchen goods to follow me once I found a new place.

Once I got my new apartment I made a vow to be very intentional about everything I purchased for my place.  I vowed to keep the magazine piles to a minimum and recycle once I was done reading, not buy something new for the kitchen unless I really needed it, keep hair products to a few items I knew really worked for me.  And, the capsule wardrobe I started with was brilliant!  Oh, the capsule wardrobe!


I’d like to say I lived up to my gold standard over the past few years.  Alas, the capsule wardrobe has expanded a little (ok, a lot).  But, home-space-wise, I’ve been able to stay very mindful of purchases. I always ask- do I need this?  Most of the time the answer is ‘no’ and I walk away.  And, it’s incredibly liberating! I’ve saved money by not spending on silly things that get used once.  For example, I haven’t purchased much seasonal decor, just enough to fill the festive itch.  I haven’t purchased things like wrapping paper and crafting supplies. I used to enjoy having that around, but now I just have to be organized and get wrapping supplies as a one off.  Or, better yet, repurpose shopping bags (cover with images to make a one-of-a-kind) to be kind to the environment.  These things may seem small, but they can add up.

Also, it’s been shown the more cluttered your space, the more anxious and overwhelmed one feels.  And, this can lead to unnecessary spending- either as therapy, or to try and ‘get organized.’  I know, I used to buy containers and shelving at length to get myself organized too.  But, why buy when you can just purge and achieve the same, if not better, outcome?  It will liberate you, I promise!

Also, when you purge your space, you find things that got lost in the piles- clothes to wear, books/magazines to read, gift cards to use.  This is also a great way to save money.  Use things you have, but, perhaps, haven’t explored or enjoyed in a while.  Practically speaking, it’s like new!  No need to spend money.

One more money friendly tip- if you purge clothes, do a clothing swap with your friends!  This is one of my faves!  Make a pact with your squad to all do a clothes purge.  Then, everyone bring their purged clothes to one friends pad, and everyone can pick some items to take home.  The remaining clothes can be donated to a Salvation Army or Goodwill.  It’s a win-win-win.

I wrote this little quote a while ago, and it sums things up perfectly.  It’s based on Marie Kondo and the Kondo method:

Kondo-ing your home = less stuff to overwhelm= better for your senses and your finances

Go forth and purge,


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