life hack : always keep learning

I am not going to lie, I love learning.  Full stop.  I find learning new things expands and enhances life- personal, professional, creative, you name it.

Always LearningOften, learning comes from beyond the classroom.  This is one reason I really enjoy travel both near and far.  I love checking out new areas of the city where I live and learning about the neighborhood.  What’s going on? What’s distinct? What’s new?  In the same way, traveling beyond city, state, and country boarders really provides perspective.  How do people live their lives?  How have they adapted or innovated?  What traditions are part of the fabric of their being?

And, teaching is a neat way to stretch your boundaries by articulating what you’ve learned.  Teaching is a cool meeting of basic mastery and sharing understanding with others such that they may pursue their own learning on the topic.

I thought I’d try my hand at teaching about making vision boards!  As I wrote about in my post What’s Your Vision, vision boards are a great way to keep your goals, passions, and dreams in front of you.  And, until someone helped get me started with making a vision board, I had zero clue nor idea this was even a thing.  I wouldn’t have known where to begin.  I am so thankful for friends!  I have been making vision boards for about four years now and have found them to be an awesome tool in envisioning and creating the best life for me.  I highly encourage you to try your hand at making one.  And, for a little help on how to get started, check out my Skillshare class on making a vision board to envision and achieve your goals here.


What have you been learning about lately?  I would love to hear in the comments section below!



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