What’s your vision?


2018VisionBoard.JPGI am pretty excited- I just finished my latest Vision Board!  But, Lisa, it’s April….. lagging much for the year?  Ha, yes.  But, dreams don’t have a start/stop date, right?

Let’s take a step back- Vision Board?  Maybe you’ve heard people throw this word around.  Maybe you’ve even seen one or pinned images to a Pinterest digital Vision Board.  I highly recommend making a physical Vision Board and putting it up right where you see it every day.  It’s important to keep your goals, dreams and vision in front of you.

This is my fourth Vision Board over the years.  Each one is special to me, and it’s fun to watch the evolution.  I can honestly say, as I create a new Board and reflect on my last one, I can see accomplishments and progress in each area I’ve envisioned be it career, health & wellness, love, music, creative time, home space, cooking, adventure, travel, or greenery and plants (working on that green thumb).

Without further ado- how to make a Vision Board!

In General- There’s no exact formula, and that’s the beautiful thing.  The one thing you will need is images, a board of sorts and glue or tape.

  • Images- I like ripping images, words, and designs out of magazines or mail catalogs (I’ve gotten in the habit of tearing images out over the year in anticipation of my next board).  I also have friends who will print things out on paper.
  • Board- I use a 22in x 28in poster board found at any Target or the like.
  • Adhesive- I use a glue stick.  Tape would work too.

Design/Layout- How do you design a Vision Board you may ask?  Really, this is up to you!  I know, that’s soooo not helpful.  That is to say, let your creativity take over.  Do your thing.  But, I will offer a few helpful ideas- I like to group images in areas i would like to focus on or desire for my life in the next year or so.  There always tends to be a health & wellness area and a love section as well as a career section.  One good example- one year I put a music area on my board.  Sure enough, that year I recorded and released my first music album of singer/songwriter music- how cool is that?!

I also have friends who just paste on images that speak to them in one way or another.  And, some friends create cool graphics and such with images.  I am quite deliberate and linear with my layouts as you will see.  The options are endless!

Below you can see the beginnings of my most recent Vision Board.  I have images I’m starting to lay out by areas of focus/desire.  I also like to anchor my board with an image smack dab in the middle of the board that is me, that speaks to the essence of me.  This year, it’s a surfer girl enjoying the beauty of the ocean, the stoke of the wave, and the joy of physical activity in nature.


My Vision Board takes form!  I lay my images out and then tack them down with glue once I am mostly set on the layout.


Ta-dah!  And, you can see my finished Vision Board as the first image.  It’s on a wall in my bedroom, and I look at it every day.  I love it.  It centers me.  It reminds me of my desires.  It motivates me.  It makes me smile.

I encourage you to make your Vision Board!

And, one last thought-

Laminate! If you feel so inclined, it’s pretty groovy to laminate your Vision Board.  It looks clean and stores well for memory sake.  I take mine to Kinkos and it costs about $12.

Spend some time with yourself and get a bit more clear on your vision.



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