Morning time for productivity- (episode 3)…. my story wrapping up

Confused, overwhelmed, stressed, bored, anxious …. ya, I had all the feels.  I was toping out in my job and wasn’t attracted to other positions within company.  I realized I wasn’t tied to any one place (see last post about my housing situation) was tired of the dating pool at present, and felt the call of a change of scenery.  Why not move away for a stint?  If I don’t like it, all I have to do is a year.  I can do anything for year, right?!


So there I was.  Meditation time into journaling was bringing clarity.  Why move?  I live by the magical Pacific Ocean in San Diego!  Why not move?  Listen to your spirit and the universe.  It has a message for you.  You’re restless for a reason.  Ok.  Where would I want to move?  I narrowed it down to DC and San Francisco based on some qualifiers (again, all clarity out of mediation).  I would look at cities I have at least a few friends/acquaintances, cities with good opportunities in my field of work, and cities where I could see myself enjoying life (getting rid of my car, walkability, arts, outdoor).  Ok!  This was working.

Once I had some clarity on direction, my morning time became peaceful time before the buzz of the day to make baby steps towards my idea of my next life step.

Morning time continues to evolve as the needs in your life are changing


Gaining clarity in my morning time helped me map out steps to take action-

It was time to spruce up the resume.  I invested a little (well worth it) in a resume consultant through Career Contessa, and she was amazing. After sending my resume and LinkedIn, doing a one-hour Skype session, emailing about clean-ups and tweaks, I was looking fab on paper.  I felt like a million bucks with my resume resources.

I networked.  I identified folks in my industry I wanted to try and talk with or learn from.  I read and listened to podcasts .  And, ultimately, I reached out to folks to see if they would be up for coffee.  I reached out cold, and, you know, people actually responded!  Now, I wasn’t overtly reading out for a job.  I was reaching out to learn from them.  People looooove to share their knowledge.  They are so happy to help. Reach out.  It’s a good thing.  And then people introduce you to people.

Next thing you know, you’ve been introduced to someone who is looking to hire.  And, maybe that position is something interesting for you?  At this point, you’re looking good with your resume and LinkedIn and ready to go when they say, ‘hey, send me your resume.’

That’s basically how my morning time parlayed me to my next career step.

I have continued to refine my morning time and I cannot do without it.  It kicks my day off right and helps me map out baby steps to accomplish so by the end of the week I’m that much closer to where I would like to be personally/professionally/etc.

Rising with the Sun,


Photo by Ewa Stepkowska


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