Morning time for productivity (episode 2)

Hello dear reader!

In my last post, morning time for productivity (episode 1), I started the story of how a dedicated practice of ‘morning time’ has helped transform my life for the better.  After a little more of my story, I will provide some pieces to what I like to call ‘morning time’ and how to start one of your own.  And, I hope you come here for more ideas and support you in your endeavor.

A very long story short, venturing in to meditation and journaling helped me start to process my inner thoughts and desires.  I can’t complain, I’ve had a very good life, and my natural decisions over the years didn’t fail me.  But, with the addition of journaling and meditation, I began to become a bit more raw with myself- my desires, my insecurities, my talents, my frustrations, and the like.

My personal low point….. 

I had been looking at buying a place three years ago.  I was excited and working hard to find a good situation at my price point.  I am always looking for the best value!  But,  it was a real mess of a time with what I could afford in areas I wanted to live and family projecting their desires for me instead of being stoked their daughter was making a big adult more and being ‘responsible’.  I put an offer on a cute little spot.  Exciting! Alas, things ultimately crashed and burned, and I pulled out before I was locked in.  I was crushed.  I had worked so hard to save the money, do my research, look at places, etc.  I was doing everything I thought I was supposed to be doing!  What the heck?!   I felt betrayed by family being critical and sabotaging my progress (in my mind).

And, there I was- alone and feeling pretty down in the dumps.

I didn’t know what to do.  But, I had this gut feeling I needed to shake something up.

My climb out of the abyss…..

A few friends had recently shared the benefits they were seeing of meditation.  I was open to trying anything.  I made a commitment to myself:

get up a little earlier in the morning and invest that time in YOU

And, so it began.  Morning meditation.


I’ll admit, it took some adjustment.  It wasn’t all meditation bliss right off the bat.  My mind ran free, and I felt like I wasn’t doing things right.  Thankfully, Lynne, the voice leading the meditation, has a good pace of keeping one on track and reminds you it’s ok and natural for a mind to wander.  Cool, I’m normal.

As the mornings went on, it seemed more natural to calm my mind and literally check out from the world for moments, or even minutes, at a time.  Woah!  Cool!  And, then, some wild things started happening.  I started having very clear thoughts after calming my mind.  Clear and creative thoughts were hitting me during and right after meditation.  I was surprising myself in the best ways possible.  Not everyday, but enough days to start listening to what, it seems, was pent up inside.

Some Mediation Resources-

Breethe Meditation App (what I use)

Headspace App (app that gets a lot of buzz- I imagine it’s a good one)

Transcendental Meditation (this is a whole program, more of an investment but people who have gone to the training swear by it)

Have you tried meditation?  How has it helped you?  Leave any other meditation resources you like in the comments!

Celebrating Clarity,


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