Morning time for productivity (episode 1)

Let’s start this off by saying- I am not wired to be a morning person. at. all.  The late hours are my muse, and I love staying wrapped in warm covers as the world wakes up.

Many years ago, to get back in to running shape, a good friend said he would meet me before work once a week for a run.  6am.  Be there.  What?!  Uf.  So early.  Though, my desire to get back in to shape prevailed, and I found myself running at 6am once a week.  Additionally, I found myself feeling great the rest of the day.  Hmmm.

A few years ago I could sense an internal tussle.  I knew I wanted to make some changes in my life but was searching a bit for what that would look like.  I had energy and desire but a lack of direction.  After reading, thinking, dreaming, and listening more to my inner being, I decided to try meditating and journaling as a means to find some personal clarity.  And, I knew this would be best done in the morning before the chaos of the day got underway.

Morning. Yay. Why did the universe decide to wire me as a night owl?!

And so the experiment began.  30 extra minutes in the morning.

I wasn’t perfect getting up every morning.  But,  I was pretty good.  And, low and behold, it started changing my outlook and energy for the day.  I used a meditation app, breethe (at the time, ‘OMG I can Meditate’).  I still use it and had a great experience with it’s intro to meditation.  Lynne leads you through the time and helps build habits on how to meditate.  I also started journaling about anything and everything.  Sometimes it was about a new male intrigue.  Other times it was personal props and accomplishments on my music album.  Whatever needed to exit my mind and body through pen to paper.

It felt good.  And, I started to get the clarity I was seeking.  More on this next time.  And, spoiler, I still don’t have complete clarity and that’s ok.

I support you in committing to starting or building on your morning routine.  It’s so valuable to pour in to yourself before the crazy of the day gets underway.

Leave a comment and tell me about your morning routine.  I would love to hear about it.  Or, if you’re just starting, let me know how it’s going, and I will be your cheerleader!

Rising with the sun,




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