Golden State..

….. Warriors!  Let’s go!  Yes, they lost last night but just need one more game to wrap up the NBA championship.

And, in other news somewhat buried by other more ‘sensational’ items of the week (think Comey hearings), this picture sums up the shift we are seeing on many fronts in America.  But, of course, my thoughts are dedicated to energy  ….


Let’s decompose-
Place: China
Time: Last week
Handshake left: California Governor Jerry Brown
Handshake right: US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry

Who does it look like China has more interest in talking to about energy policy?  Indeed, CA the 9th largest economy in the world who’s looking at heading to 100% renewable energy over the Secretary of Energy post the US puling out of the Paris Agreement on emission reductions. China is maintaining their position in the Paris agreement and positioning themselves to be a global leader.  And, it appears the States are stepping up to be leaders where the Federal Government falters.

Golden State for the win.

Happy Weekend,


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