Conscious Exclusive

Did you see H&M came out with a ‘Conscious Exclusive’ collection of clothing made from at least 50 percent sustainable or recycled material?  I mean, how lovely is this dress?

Business finding ways to make business decisions good for their bottom line and for the longevity of our planet- a win/win.

Part of the issue is, we don’t have to consider the full lifecycle of goods.  We take the ability to ‘waste’ for granted.  Perhaps we would make different consumption decision if we had to pay something like a rental fee in landfills?  One could say we pay this through taxes, but I’d venture to say we don’t pay the true value.

A muses musings.

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The Celebratory ‘first blog post’

Hello Friends and Readers!

I’m Blondeee.  That’s the Blonde Energy Economist.  I am a whole mix of potential contradictions with a few thoughts to share.  I know there are a lot of you out there too so join me!  Or, if you’re just entertained by my musings, that’s great too.  I start with the blonde contradiction.  I am the first to laugh at dumb blonde jokes.  But, I am no dumb blonde.  In fact, I embrace my nerd status.

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